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SF Axiom Recurve Special Beginner Complete Set

  • Brand: SF
  • Product Code: SF-ARS-Beginner-Set
  • Availability: In Stock


This complete set is most suitable to beginners. Packed with 27 items, this set is all you need.

Package include: 

1 x SF Axiom Metal Handle 23”

1 x SF Axiom+ Limbs / KAP T-Rex Glass Limbs

1 x Dacron String

2 x Nocking Point

1 x Hoyt Plastic Rest

1 x Beginner Sight

1 x Chest Guard

1 x Arm Guard

1 x SF Finger Sling

1 x Beginner Quiver

1 x Bow Stringer

1 x W&W Arrow Puller

1 x KY3 Bow Stand

1 x Soft Case

12 x Easton Jazz Arrows (Fully Assembling)

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