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Our SPURT silicone swimming products has been established in Korea, and

now expanded to worldwide. SPURT silicone caps and silicone goggles are made of

The high grade 100% silicone material, which is hypo-allergenic and harmless to human.

As silicone is elasticity, this offers the best in comfort, fit and quality – guaranteed.

It does not make any pressure even being use under long period of time.

Swimming goggles is an important part for every swimmer for protecting your eyes from

 water and harmful UV (Ultra Violet) in both indoor and outdoor. Selecting the most

customized fit swim goggles to face is very important for the swimmers to ensure a

more comfortable level. SPURT silicone swim goggles have anti-fog treatment, it

Can keep clear sight under water and which is hypo-allergenic that can prevent eye-

Disease which infect easily in water. To meet the demand for all the swimmers, all SPURT

Swim goggles are tested by British Standard.

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